Aqualime Lace Clock Dress: Design by ATHALEE

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Photo by Hana Photography


Opening up my own webstore wasn’t a new idea. well, i’ve got this on mind since a few months ago, at the end of 2012. Yet since i was quite busy with my local business i finally got to made it just now =) yayy! *wish me luck for my new* **thanks**

I released my mini collections of 7 dresses, this aqualime dress is one of it. Another new designs are coming up soon. Aqualime is definately one of my favourite, i keep each piece of the 7 dresses for myself and this one is the first one i wore! i wore it to my friend’s sister weddings and i got much compliments *feels great wearing it* haha. this dress fits so well with most of my accessories, it takes a long time to decide which one to choose before i end up wearing my gold teardrops ethnic necklace to the party, but for the photoshoot, i pick the blue chained necklace, since it’s a day time photoshoot. told ya’ it fits with many accessories =p.


This photoshoot was taken few weeks ago, on a park in my city, it has wide lands with tall weeds on it. i loooveee this spot. nothing’s better than natural view. These pictures was taken by my best friend, hana, she’s a freelance photographer, i’ll feature more of her pictures next time. it tooks 4 hours to take a thousand photos, up and down the slope, dirts and weeds (not as pretty as the pictures, huh?) got my nude gladiator heels covered with muds, not to mention the muscle pains effect, lol, but the result worths the efforts, isn’t it? i’m satisfied with the pictures! what do you think of it?


See the detail of the dress? I’m so in love with the bright yellow color! and the aqua colored lace? it definately perfect the dress. another review posts coming soon! can’t wait for more? check them here


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